Thursday, May 28, 2009

Audio Law Of Attraction Meditation


Zackarius at (a Ning social networking site) introduced me to the following video from loveandjoy4all's YouTube site!

I love the confidence and simplicity with which Rama invites us to be our awesome selves. Let's learn from that wonderful example! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Books & Law Of Attraction"


Thanks, for catching up with me, after my break! :O)

Well, I'm back on the blog, with a little discovery. What if you'd like to experience greater wealth, but have concluded that it's like pop mystic Stuart Wilde says in the title of his book: THE TRICK TO MONEY IS HAVING SOME?

He says what a lot of Law Of Attraction people say, of course. Appreciate the money you've got. Good enough advice (for some). Look, no advice is right for everyone, but something a bit broader would be nice. Wilde does get broader, of course. All the teachers do. But, it tends to get lost somewhere between pages one and three-hundred-one.

So, here's an idea in a nice short blog post. Put on a self-satisfied smile, nod to yourself, and look at a pile of books the way you might look at a nice pile of money. We've all heard that knowledge is wealth. So, indulge the thought. Tell yourself, "I've got a nice pile of wealth, right here." Allow those little feelings of security and inner knowing to build, some.

You've got to start somewhere, you know! And, if you're really down-and-out, go to a library. Never mind how well it's stocked. Pull out a few books. Never mind how good a read they'd be. (Bet you can find one or two that are intriguing, though. Never hurts!)

Pull them out. Sit somewhere peaceful. Nod. Know. Say the words in your mind. Whisper them, if you can. Jot down a paragraph to that effect, if possible. No need to keep it, though you may wish to. The Law Of Attraction just needs a crack through which to slip you a buck, or two-thousand! ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Signs & Law Of Attraction


Have you ever asked for a sign?

&, have you ever considered that Law Of Attraction responds to signs that you put up?

What kind of sign have you ever put up? Well, have you ever run into someone whose entire attitude just said, "Not today, friends!" Whoa! NOT someone you feel attracted to--right?

Well, if you're not attracted to this person, then Law Of Attraction is not bringing you together. It's possible that practically no one and nothing is being brought into this person's energy field.

I've heard several people suggest that twitter, text messaging, and even email only had the power of driving people apart. I couldn't agree. Some suggested that tiny messages, especially, couldn't allow for warmth and nuance. And, these are important in attracting others. Law Of Attraction finds a way of slipping in, through the cracks.

This movie short really expresses it wonderfully. It's called SIGNS.

How will Law Of Attraction read YOUR signs?

Sunshine & Blessings,