Friday, February 26, 2010

The Max Strategy--book reviewed

The Max Strategy by Dale Dauten may not--at first blush--seem like a Law Of Attraction kind of book. Isn't it about management or making money as an entrepreneur?

Kinda . . .

Mostly it's about creating and constantly reviewing three lists that can keep your life fresh & full of zing! It's told in the form of a "chance" meeting at an airport. :O)

The three lists are to help you add a lot of experiments to your life. This is starting to create changes in my life, already, & I only read the book a couple days ago. One example from the list is that I made the mistake of buying a PC when what I really wanted was a Mac. Looking at this as a clue about an experiment I could do, I considered the possible benefits of using the "wrong" tool.

Hmm . . . Wouldn't it be cool, I thought, posting a story/chapter from the book I'm writing BODY LOTION as tweets! Imagine how different your life might be if you were constantly turning your mistakes, problems, and duties into neato experiments! That's what THE MAX FACTOR is about! I highly recommend it! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,