Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Self Confidence Ebooks"

Self confidence ebooks are a magnificent idea, aren't they?

Let's say I felt unsure about myself, for whatever reason, and knew I had to make a presentation, soon. I could make the trip to a bookstore and hunt down something on self confidence, or even visit the library. However, such feelings are sometimes fleeting.

So, "What's the problem?" you may wonder. If the feeling fades, all the better! Fair enough, except that such fleeting experiences are an opportunity to deal with issues while they're in a budding stage.

What's great about an ebook is that it's instantly downloadable. It's been said ad nausium that you should take action immediately upon pronouncing a goal. Well, it's exciting that by pressing a few buttons you can immediately take some very real action, these days.

And, by using a search engine, you can get an instantaneous list of ebook choices on the subject of self confidence. However, I'd like to point out that there are other instantaneous things you can do to build yourself up on that subject.

Try writing a poem on the issue. It doesn't have to be serious, either--nor does it need to make a lot of sense. Remember the Law Of Attraction. I like to say it this way: What you dwell on, you get!

So, just considering confidence in a constructive way attracts further thoughts of the same ilk. Not to mention, feelings!

Or, if poetry's a bit hard for you, try a simplified version of accrostics. Write the word vertically, and come up with something constructive for every letter of the word.

Or, you could simply write a paragraph about what's great about having that characteristic--self confidence, in this case.

Ebooks, are a great way to satisfy your desire for inner growth, because they come to you in an instant! Just remember, creativity does, as well.

Sunshine & Blessings,

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wealth, Finances, & Mantra


Thanks, for looking off the beaten path for information on wealth!

Wealth, finances, money--the funny part about all this is that we're NOT talking about material things. Money, after all, is an idea. Especially now that every country's economy is based on currency not clearly connected to any objectively verifiable value. Once upon a time, a dollar represented a particular amount of silver or gold, for example. No more!

However, that's no reason for fretting about finances. Human beings can keep track of huge amounts of information and make all the calculations necessary to keep the house of cards in place. So, why the recent troubles?

What some have called a "financial crisis" can be blamed on greed and corruption. However, when a game descends into far-reaching dishonesty, it's to say that the general vibes of the game have been degraded. Where that's the case, the only meaningful solution would be an uplifting force to raise the character of the game.

Something similar had been going on with politics, in general, in the United States. And raising the tenor of the discussion is what has created a new sense of optimism--true optimism--in America. "Yes, we can!"

Well, Dattatreya Siva Baba shares a mantrum, in the video below, meant to afix a holy uplifting tenor onto our economy--both private and collective. It makes sense to me that such a thing could be the real engine to wealth. As the Christian saying goes, "In the beginning was The Word." And, I have never believed this to be true only above, and not below.

I don't quite see myself writing OM BRZEE NAMAHA 1,008 times. I'm considering it. However, the chanting is quite another thing. I do feel the vibrations to be legitimate for their function and have chanted them with good psychic effect.

For those wishing to hear it repeated 108 times, the video below is just what you're looking for.

I believe this mantrum to be a true gift from a teacher who cares for the world. For those who take it up, I wish you the best.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The Glad Game"

If you've ever seen the movie or read the book POLLYANNA, then, you're familiar with The Glad Game!

It was the orphan, Pollyanna's choice to look for something to be glad about in whatever situation she found herself. Hard to find something to be glad about? Fantastic! That meant a bigger challenge! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

And, I'm so glad that I'm now reading Eleanor H. Porter's novel, having seen the movie as a child and again about three years ago.

However, did you know that there was a Parker Bros. game based on the book?

The book goes back to around 1910. The Simon & Schuster version I'm reading's a little bit coy about the original publication date, but does mention a play version was done in 1915, so do the math.

Point is, I would loooove to play the commercial Glad Game! And, given all the interest in the Law Of Attraction, it could probably be revived!

Well, I'm excited by the very thought. However, I must veer in some other direction, as I have friends from my Powerful Intentions blog visiting, and they've already had quite an earful of what I've just dished out!

Okay, so some nice fresh content is on the way! :O)

First of all, I'm on page 78 of the book! There! Some news. :O)

(Oh, what a good boy am I! Hahaha!)

Pollyanna has just bewildered the grumpy Mrs Snow! She's a poor bed-ridden woman who receives charity from the Church and shows no gratitude for it, at all. Well, when Pollyanna actually suggests that Mrs Snow is pretty, it's as though the lady's entire world were thrown upside down! Hahaha! You can see, I think, why I love this girl!

I've been toying with the idea of a new screenplay. But how? I love the 1800's feel of it! I'd want that to stay intact. Maybe I could focus on some other aspect. You know, I really just plain like the idea that Hayley Mills IS Pollyanna. She really did perfect service to the role! (BTW, you can see it on YouTube.)

Another possiblity is to simply draw inspiration from the book and movie and to write a whole 'nother story about another little girl! (I like writing about girls, mostly. And women.) Actually, I think that happened, despite myself! Hahaha! I wrote a family musical called THE BLACKBERRY KIDS GO TREASURE HUNTING about the indomidable Tatiana Hurwitz and her trusty sidekick, Brian. I really love those characters and their magical arena, the town of Pondside and its swamply little Greencool Pond with its ever-present crop of magical blackberries!

Well, I am feeling about a mile high, now, and I hope my readers are, too.

Check out Dear Daisy Cottage blog for some darling pictures of The Glad Game and other charming stuff!

Sunshine & Blessings,

Saturday, March 28, 2009



Thanks, for visiting the blog--I am so GLAD to have you! ;O)

Yay! I've finally taken Eleanor H. Porter's classic novel POLLYANNA from the library to read! :O)

And, I've started reading the book, as well. I'm on page 24, the first page of the chapter entitled "The Little Attic Room." The orphaned Pollyanna has just arived at her stern Aunt Polly's estate and is about to discover that she's to be housed in an oven-hot prison of a little attic room. Bet she turns that around with a quickness!

I found myself thinking, as I read the chapter before, where maid Nancy first meets Pollyanna: How I love this girl! Look how she sees the good in everything! How I love the way her mind works!

And, you know, I realized right there that such a bubbly attitude brings so much to the table! This poor girl really was richer than her aunt sitting in a mansion with plenty of cash and fruit trees and hired help! Why, Nancy found herself ready to fight for that girl, she immediately found herself loving her, so!

I first fell in love with the POLLYANNA movie, starring Hayley Mills (Remember the old PARENT TRAP?). For over a decade, I did fall into the "such-and-such is no Pollyanna" trap, though. I had seen the movie as a little kid and was snickering about it, like everybody else.

But, something didn't sit right. I mean, I still admired Hayley Mills. I'd seen several of her movies. TIGER BAY comes to mind. Oh! And WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND! I absolutely loved that movie about some kids who mistake a criminal on the run for Jesus Christ!

How could I admire her so, have sat through POLLYANNA, had no bad memories of it, and yet be acting this way? So, I told myself that I must watch it again, and make sense of all this. And, I did, and I really went to town on myself: How could you have been such a follower! When did you get so cynical! What a beautiful movie! There's nothing about Pollyanna that I wouldn't 100% endorse! That girl's attitude is right on! Talk about a practical view on life! Hahaha!

So, now, I get to read the book.

But, you know what came to mind? Well, it's a fantasy. However, I can see all this happening.

I love the Japanese language. What I mean is that I love Japanese women, and hearing them speak the language just blisses me out! When I first started studying, I immediately became a big flirt on the subways. (In New York City you can practice practically ANY language!) However, I got shy upon studying more deeply, which I feel is just a temporary phase. I've got big fun plans ahead of me!

One thing I dream of is to have an Abraham-Hicks Law Of Attraction discussion group run entirely in Japanese! I get regular coaching so I could fake my way through! There are signs all over the place I can use as a cheat sheet! Pre-planned conversations are slipped into that I can easilly understand and participate in. Words are poured into my ear! Hahaha! :O)

Well, why not a POLLYANNA reading group in Japanese! We get to see the movie in English and dubbed in Japanese! And, we read the "I'm so glad about this, I'm so glad about that" sections in English and Japanese, together! And, of course, we get to create our own (ANY language! 'Cause it's always good to do that!)

That would be a slice of Paradise, to me. {{{Mmmmm!}}}

Sunshine & Blessings,

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spiritual Affirmations


Thanks, for braving these controversial waters! Hahaha!

No, by spiritual affirmations, I don't mean religious ones. No, no, no! Goodness, that would be like waving around a particular banner with a particular leader's face & logo on it. No, I mean something uplifting that puts us in touch with what's deepest within us.

You don't need to believe in anything to be spiritual. The very questions that you wonder about and maybe don't know how to answer is the very fulcrum of spirituality. The fact that you bothered to ask!

And, affirmations can remind us to ask, so that we bring more to life than the repetition of what seemed to have worked a moment ago.

Here's my favorite spiritual affirmation: I appreciate the Unity Of Being, says my heart.

What's a spiritual affirmation that moves you?

Sunshine & Blessings,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Success: Law Of Attraction"


True, a handful of people get involved without concern about success. Law Of Attraction, however is a great thing to know about if you're in business or doing something which requires coooperation and recruitment of the efforts of others in new ways.

It reminds me of that constant saying that sales is all about creating relationships. It's 100% true, of course. However, the relationship isn't just between people. Remember Willy Loman (Arthur Miller's DEATH OF A SALESMAN)? He thought the only relathionships that counted were between people. If you're friendly, everyone'll buy from you.

But, of course, there are other relationships you've got to involve yourself in, if you want success. And, they're all commanded by the Law Of Attraction. Your relationship--most importantly--to Source. To your own expanded self. This means, you've got to "Party on, Dude," in the cosmic sense. You've got to remember that you are success personified and celebrate that fact so you're at the same vibration as your expanded self.

Focus constructively on this or any of the relationships below, and more success-related thoughts and feelings, and events will start coming together. That's the Law Of Attraction.

And, then there's your relationship to your craft or business or offering or art--whatever. If you're offering it, then it should be something you love. Or you should focus on the aspects of it you love or at least prefer to whatever else is in the mix.

And, then there's your relationship to the aspects of others. It's nice to be friendly. But, friendliness isn't shaking hands and memorizing first names. It's noticing what you like about someone. It's giving people the benefit of the doubt. It's sitting by yourself and imagining how you'd most enjoy seeing your meetings with others turn out. That's where success and Law Of Attraction come together.

If only Willy Loman could have met Napoleon Hill. We'd have been out one amazing stage play, but that fictional family would have experienced a slice of Paradise!

Sunshine & Blessings,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Love - Law Of Attraction"


Thanks, for looking here for a little information on this topic! :O)

Some people are into parsing out the different types of love: maternal, infantile, love for pets, friendship, worship, sexual, neurotic, and so on. I've always been a little suspicious of that impulse.

And, in terms of love and the Law Of Attraction, being in any of the states described above and thinking about something--wanted or unwanted--is likely to rush it toward you. So, in certain ways, love is love is love is love is love!

However, the "type" of love that really gets you somewhere, when it comes to the law of attraction, is unconditional love. I know I've had some screwy ideas, in the past, about what that term means. So, let's clear this up.

I was at a Law Of Attraction Meetup, here, in San Antonio, Texas, just recently. It's facilitated by a wonderful couple named Renae & Andries. And Renae got it through to me that unconditional love is a state where you realize that no matter what anyone else says or does, you're committed to recognizing your sacred connection to source and knowing that you are supremely loved--that, in fact, you are love itself. You don't need anyone else's approval or for anyone to treat you in any particular way or do anything for you--no matter what, you're committed to experience life from your true identity as Love Supreme! You love because that's who you are. That is unconditional love.

And, from that place, love is all that you meet. Everything is to be interpreted as love meeting love in its infinite permutations and guises. We all know that the Divine experiences itself in this fashion, and it's our ultimate destiny, anyway. The point of adopting unconditional love is to start to experience that, right now, in our everyday lives.

Sunshine & Blessings,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Law Of Attraction Self Help Videos


Thought I'd share something I found that really clears up some issues about the Law Of Attraction a way that only videos (or face-to-face meetings) can!

It's similar to what happens when people read The Tao. Many come away believing the book is about poetry or intellectual concepts. Actually, it's more a contemplation on how to regulate pressures and flows of energy around the body and cosmically.

Similar discoveries await students of the Law Of Attraction. For example, when Lynn Grabhorn (EXCUSE ME, YOUR LIFE IS WAITING!) speaks of "opening your valve," she's talking about a feeling that really does relate to what opening an internal valve would feel like. Of course, if you get a video custom-made to turn you on it will tend to do that.

Hope that gives you a glimpse into the more yogic aspects of these Universal Laws and self help, in general! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Goal Setting"


Thanks, for checking out my blog for something as awesome as clues into the meaning of life!

So, in the cosmic scheme of things, what exactly is a goal? *Loud ominous music!*

Well, given what I’ve learned about Universal Laws, here’s my take on this. A goal is my excuse for celebrating. ;o) Calendars are a tool for keeping track of our celebrations. And, every completed task deserves to be celebrated. :O)

Sometimes, you celebrate with mere kudos (That’s French for strikes—in other words, pats—on the back). Sometimes you celebrate with a little Yay dance. Sometimes with clinking glasses or just raising a glass—even just to yourself. Or just saying, “All right!” or “Yay, me!” Or just putting a happy face next to the item done or striking a line on that item of the To Do list with extra force and satisfaction!

Of course, sometimes it’s bigger than that! Stepping out for an ice cream cone, or putting a gold star on your locker, or buying a plush toy, or going out for drinks or lunch or dinner, or buying the next installment in a silly book series, or hitting the slot races, or taking a day off, or doing karaoke!

When you look at it that way, why mark goals down on a calendar, when you can bounce them around in a Mind Movie?

A goal may be nothing more than a way of timing celebration (AKA those wonderful things you want to do). It’s fun to anticipate them and to create tensions and releases along the way, isn’t it? Could be the reason we decided to pop into this time-space dimension, don’t you think?

Sunshine & Blessings,

"New Thought"


Thanks, for taking some expansive ideas into consideration!

The New Thought movement started in the 1800’s, but still effects the minds of people who want to thrive rather than merely survive on this beautiful planet!

Its beginnings were especially feminist and it has—to this day—done everything possible to avoid sectarianism. And, students of Abraham and The Secret will find much comfort in learning that the light was wisely tended to throughout the nineteenth century and did not crash down from the heavens on a gloomy planet Earth, after all.

You don’t have to belong to a Unity Church or Church of Divine Science to appreciate the tenets of New Thought, either!

Bruce MacLelland’s PROSPERITY THROUGH THOUGHT FORCE (1907), for example, summarized the New Thought principle of the Law Of Attraction thusly: "You are what you think, not what you think you are."

So, if the hoopla of present-day gurus sometimes wears at you, go back a century and change (or even further) to receive the knowledge from a slightly different perspective. It’s all good! ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

"Self Talk"


Thanks, for keepin’ it real! Hahaha! ;O)

What I love about the term “self talk” is how it shows up society’s pretentions. We can speak of affirmations. We can talk of self-hypnosis. We can consider how to apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming upon our present mental state. But, so much of it just comes down to what you say when you talk to yourself—and admitting that we DO talk to ourselves (even if only in our minds).

convotips3 Pictures, Images and Photos

The idea of positive self talk, though, gets murky pretty fast.

Some people mean that you should always be kind to yourself. In other words, be your own best friend. When down, cheer yourself up! Just as you would a friend.

Some people look at this in a more technical fashion. They warn that we don’t experience life in terms of negation. So, if someone says, “Don’t think of a pink elephant,” we’re doomed to think of exactly that—despite the “don’t.” Therefore, they warn of the danger in saying things like “I won’t eat too much at the party.” What would be better, they explain is to think, “I’ll focus on dancing and laughing and noticing all the colorful aspects of the party!”

And, some people say every thought should point you closer to your goal! Only thoughts that push you in the appropriate direction are actually positive. So, it’s important to sprinkle your thoughts with questions, like “Am I using my time in the best possible way?” (I find this approach—as Esther Hicks would put it—a bit “upstream?”)

Which of these approaches feels more like one you can jump on and take off with? Keep the answer in mind. It’ll help you choose future reading and other forms of learning and motivational material with greater ease!

Sunshine & Blessings,

"Using Law Of Attraction"


Thanks for checking into the blog for insights into this important topic!

What, exactly, is the Law Of Attraction? Esther Hicks, through whom we receive the teachings of Abraham, defines it, thusly: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

I put it a little differently: What you dwell on, you get! ;O)

The tricky part, of course, is that it doesn’t matter whether you WANT what you dwell on or not. Dwelling on it attracts more thoughts of that sort as well as associated feelings and finally events! Therefore, it behooves us to dwell on what we want, rather than fuming in protest against what we don’t.

Society’s starting to catch on, fortunately. Still, here are some tips, for rough spots where dwelling on good thoughts doesn’t seem so easy.

First, of all, remember what Abraham-Hicks tells us: “Nothing is more important than that you feel good!” This has come as a shock to many, however, you can always be more helpful to others when you’re cheerful than when you’re resentful, right? So, practice reminding yourself of that from time to time throughout the day.

Another thing you can do is to make a list of little things that make you smile! :O)

Here are ideas:
-Drawing smileys (emoticons)
-Blowing bubbles
-Humming or whistling a particular tune
-Writing in green
-Glancing at a picture of a puppy, a child, a flower, the surf, etc
-Reciting a jump rope rhyme

You’ll notice a lot of the above refer to childhood. Childhood activities have a way of making even adults feel a little more care free! So, indulge. :O)

Another thing that helps is to think of something you’d like in your life that you run into, from time to time. And, then decide to celebrate every time you run into someone whose life includes it. Tell yourself that running into it in any sense is a sign that its energy is closing-in wonderfully into your life and that soon it will be at one with you!

The Law Of Attraction means that what you want wants you! Isn’t that just wonderful news?

Sunshine & Blessings,

"New Age Self Help"

WHiTE RoSE Pictures, Images and Photos


Thanks, for being part of the human dream-come-true!

When we help ourselves, we’re helping the world awaken into a New Age, aren’t we?

The famous New Age adage goes: “As without, so within.” Of course, the adage isn’t really new. In fact, it goes back 5,000 at least, to the alchemical classic, The Emerald Tablet!

It’s all about a magical style of thinking (and feeling) that presumes that whatever we’ve got to learn has, first, to be applied to the self. A lot of this has to do with a different view of self than many people have grown up with, however.

From Sigmund Freud’s psychology to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, the idea that we experience reality as different “selves” has appeared again and again. In any case, it’s safe to say that most systems recognize a mundane self and an expanded self, though there are many names for these and sometimes subdivisions.

One common idea in many systems is that the expanded self holds vast wisdom, which is available to the mundane self, if that mundane self will simply celebrate in the bliss which is the expanded self’s immutable state of being. According to Esther Hicks, through whom we receive the teachings of Abraham, we need only direct ourselves in the direction of the bliss by making it our business to feel a bit better and allow the trend to continue, and the power of the expanded self begins to affect our lives!

Amazing stuff, yes?

And, by applying concepts such as this, New Age self help can raise people’s energies without forcing endless painful regurgitations of childhood traumas (or painful experiences from other lives). Works for me!

Sunshine & Blessings,

"Self Help Videos"


What can’t you learn off video?

Even internal yogas in which you imagine energy moving up and around certain parts of your body and then building up and releasing—you can learn that off video through the use of animation demonstrating how the energy would flow. Just show a colorful glowing vapor moving through a person or silhouette!

So, self help videos can help you psych yourself up by demonstrating the right posture to take in a situation and giving you a living model you can imitate without your having to travel to a seminar, somewhere. And, now that you can simply download them instead of going to a store, self help has come a long long way!

In fact, the most amazing step may be what you can create, in terms of video—not just what you can watch or purchase.

I really wondered whether or not I’d be able to create anything good after purchasing the Mind Movie kit (an instant download) to psych me up and help me own my biggest wishes the way Abraham-Hicks and The Secret say I should.

In fact, here’s what I was able to accomplish within 24 hours!

Find more videos like this on Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community

&, 24 hours after that, the second of my self help videos was complete! I couldn’t believe what I was watching! Hahaha!

Find more videos like this on Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community

Maybe, someday I’ll also have a camera to capture live video and will figure out what to do with that! Until then, these two will keep me very well entertained! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,