Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The Glad Game"

If you've ever seen the movie or read the book POLLYANNA, then, you're familiar with The Glad Game!

It was the orphan, Pollyanna's choice to look for something to be glad about in whatever situation she found herself. Hard to find something to be glad about? Fantastic! That meant a bigger challenge! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

And, I'm so glad that I'm now reading Eleanor H. Porter's novel, having seen the movie as a child and again about three years ago.

However, did you know that there was a Parker Bros. game based on the book?

The book goes back to around 1910. The Simon & Schuster version I'm reading's a little bit coy about the original publication date, but does mention a play version was done in 1915, so do the math.

Point is, I would loooove to play the commercial Glad Game! And, given all the interest in the Law Of Attraction, it could probably be revived!

Well, I'm excited by the very thought. However, I must veer in some other direction, as I have friends from my Powerful Intentions blog visiting, and they've already had quite an earful of what I've just dished out!

Okay, so some nice fresh content is on the way! :O)

First of all, I'm on page 78 of the book! There! Some news. :O)

(Oh, what a good boy am I! Hahaha!)

Pollyanna has just bewildered the grumpy Mrs Snow! She's a poor bed-ridden woman who receives charity from the Church and shows no gratitude for it, at all. Well, when Pollyanna actually suggests that Mrs Snow is pretty, it's as though the lady's entire world were thrown upside down! Hahaha! You can see, I think, why I love this girl!

I've been toying with the idea of a new screenplay. But how? I love the 1800's feel of it! I'd want that to stay intact. Maybe I could focus on some other aspect. You know, I really just plain like the idea that Hayley Mills IS Pollyanna. She really did perfect service to the role! (BTW, you can see it on YouTube.)

Another possiblity is to simply draw inspiration from the book and movie and to write a whole 'nother story about another little girl! (I like writing about girls, mostly. And women.) Actually, I think that happened, despite myself! Hahaha! I wrote a family musical called THE BLACKBERRY KIDS GO TREASURE HUNTING about the indomidable Tatiana Hurwitz and her trusty sidekick, Brian. I really love those characters and their magical arena, the town of Pondside and its swamply little Greencool Pond with its ever-present crop of magical blackberries!

Well, I am feeling about a mile high, now, and I hope my readers are, too.

Check out Dear Daisy Cottage blog for some darling pictures of The Glad Game and other charming stuff!

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. The GLAD GAME. I so completely forgot the game. I am SO glad you reminded me.
    I have my own version integrated in my life that takes various turns sometimes its like "Wow. That(xyz) is a blessing" or "I am so grateful you told me about (xyz)." Simply reinforcing the essence of blessings and gratitude in my life.

  2. Hi, Donna!

    Thanks, for discussing your experience with The Glad Game!

    Yup! Sounds like a perfectly proper approach to it, to me, Donna. I'm enjoying modeling after others who do this, and you're a great model, with those two particular examples.

    I'm really glad you dropped in! Keep on smiling! ;O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,