Friday, March 27, 2009

Spiritual Affirmations


Thanks, for braving these controversial waters! Hahaha!

No, by spiritual affirmations, I don't mean religious ones. No, no, no! Goodness, that would be like waving around a particular banner with a particular leader's face & logo on it. No, I mean something uplifting that puts us in touch with what's deepest within us.

You don't need to believe in anything to be spiritual. The very questions that you wonder about and maybe don't know how to answer is the very fulcrum of spirituality. The fact that you bothered to ask!

And, affirmations can remind us to ask, so that we bring more to life than the repetition of what seemed to have worked a moment ago.

Here's my favorite spiritual affirmation: I appreciate the Unity Of Being, says my heart.

What's a spiritual affirmation that moves you?

Sunshine & Blessings,


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