Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Self Confidence Ebooks"

Self confidence ebooks are a magnificent idea, aren't they?

Let's say I felt unsure about myself, for whatever reason, and knew I had to make a presentation, soon. I could make the trip to a bookstore and hunt down something on self confidence, or even visit the library. However, such feelings are sometimes fleeting.

So, "What's the problem?" you may wonder. If the feeling fades, all the better! Fair enough, except that such fleeting experiences are an opportunity to deal with issues while they're in a budding stage.

What's great about an ebook is that it's instantly downloadable. It's been said ad nausium that you should take action immediately upon pronouncing a goal. Well, it's exciting that by pressing a few buttons you can immediately take some very real action, these days.

And, by using a search engine, you can get an instantaneous list of ebook choices on the subject of self confidence. However, I'd like to point out that there are other instantaneous things you can do to build yourself up on that subject.

Try writing a poem on the issue. It doesn't have to be serious, either--nor does it need to make a lot of sense. Remember the Law Of Attraction. I like to say it this way: What you dwell on, you get!

So, just considering confidence in a constructive way attracts further thoughts of the same ilk. Not to mention, feelings!

Or, if poetry's a bit hard for you, try a simplified version of accrostics. Write the word vertically, and come up with something constructive for every letter of the word.

Or, you could simply write a paragraph about what's great about having that characteristic--self confidence, in this case.

Ebooks, are a great way to satisfy your desire for inner growth, because they come to you in an instant! Just remember, creativity does, as well.

Sunshine & Blessings,

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