Monday, March 23, 2009

"Goal Setting"


Thanks, for checking out my blog for something as awesome as clues into the meaning of life!

So, in the cosmic scheme of things, what exactly is a goal? *Loud ominous music!*

Well, given what I’ve learned about Universal Laws, here’s my take on this. A goal is my excuse for celebrating. ;o) Calendars are a tool for keeping track of our celebrations. And, every completed task deserves to be celebrated. :O)

Sometimes, you celebrate with mere kudos (That’s French for strikes—in other words, pats—on the back). Sometimes you celebrate with a little Yay dance. Sometimes with clinking glasses or just raising a glass—even just to yourself. Or just saying, “All right!” or “Yay, me!” Or just putting a happy face next to the item done or striking a line on that item of the To Do list with extra force and satisfaction!

Of course, sometimes it’s bigger than that! Stepping out for an ice cream cone, or putting a gold star on your locker, or buying a plush toy, or going out for drinks or lunch or dinner, or buying the next installment in a silly book series, or hitting the slot races, or taking a day off, or doing karaoke!

When you look at it that way, why mark goals down on a calendar, when you can bounce them around in a Mind Movie?

A goal may be nothing more than a way of timing celebration (AKA those wonderful things you want to do). It’s fun to anticipate them and to create tensions and releases along the way, isn’t it? Could be the reason we decided to pop into this time-space dimension, don’t you think?

Sunshine & Blessings,

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