Saturday, March 28, 2009



Thanks, for visiting the blog--I am so GLAD to have you! ;O)

Yay! I've finally taken Eleanor H. Porter's classic novel POLLYANNA from the library to read! :O)

And, I've started reading the book, as well. I'm on page 24, the first page of the chapter entitled "The Little Attic Room." The orphaned Pollyanna has just arived at her stern Aunt Polly's estate and is about to discover that she's to be housed in an oven-hot prison of a little attic room. Bet she turns that around with a quickness!

I found myself thinking, as I read the chapter before, where maid Nancy first meets Pollyanna: How I love this girl! Look how she sees the good in everything! How I love the way her mind works!

And, you know, I realized right there that such a bubbly attitude brings so much to the table! This poor girl really was richer than her aunt sitting in a mansion with plenty of cash and fruit trees and hired help! Why, Nancy found herself ready to fight for that girl, she immediately found herself loving her, so!

I first fell in love with the POLLYANNA movie, starring Hayley Mills (Remember the old PARENT TRAP?). For over a decade, I did fall into the "such-and-such is no Pollyanna" trap, though. I had seen the movie as a little kid and was snickering about it, like everybody else.

But, something didn't sit right. I mean, I still admired Hayley Mills. I'd seen several of her movies. TIGER BAY comes to mind. Oh! And WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND! I absolutely loved that movie about some kids who mistake a criminal on the run for Jesus Christ!

How could I admire her so, have sat through POLLYANNA, had no bad memories of it, and yet be acting this way? So, I told myself that I must watch it again, and make sense of all this. And, I did, and I really went to town on myself: How could you have been such a follower! When did you get so cynical! What a beautiful movie! There's nothing about Pollyanna that I wouldn't 100% endorse! That girl's attitude is right on! Talk about a practical view on life! Hahaha!

So, now, I get to read the book.

But, you know what came to mind? Well, it's a fantasy. However, I can see all this happening.

I love the Japanese language. What I mean is that I love Japanese women, and hearing them speak the language just blisses me out! When I first started studying, I immediately became a big flirt on the subways. (In New York City you can practice practically ANY language!) However, I got shy upon studying more deeply, which I feel is just a temporary phase. I've got big fun plans ahead of me!

One thing I dream of is to have an Abraham-Hicks Law Of Attraction discussion group run entirely in Japanese! I get regular coaching so I could fake my way through! There are signs all over the place I can use as a cheat sheet! Pre-planned conversations are slipped into that I can easilly understand and participate in. Words are poured into my ear! Hahaha! :O)

Well, why not a POLLYANNA reading group in Japanese! We get to see the movie in English and dubbed in Japanese! And, we read the "I'm so glad about this, I'm so glad about that" sections in English and Japanese, together! And, of course, we get to create our own (ANY language! 'Cause it's always good to do that!)

That would be a slice of Paradise, to me. {{{Mmmmm!}}}

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. Great post, Giovani! Pollyanna, yes! I recall the movie with Hayley Mills, but I haven't read the book.

    Maybe you've heard Abraham mention that if people call us "Pollyanna," we can say, "Yes, and Pollyanna had a VERY good life!" :)

  2. Hi, Karen!

    Thanks, for sharing that Abraham moment!

    &, I do remember it! When I heard that, I was all smiles! Because, I love Pollyanna and consider her an excellent role model. I'd be proud to be called Pollyanna.

    And, if someone were confused--thinking her a prude, I'd be sure to se that aright. She's no prude. She's someone who knows how to enjoy life. A lot of people abuse her name who either haven't seen the movie or read the book--OR (and I've done this), got caught up in a bunch of nonsense coming from other people's opinions.

    Well, I'm cured of that! Hahaha!

    Sunshine & Blessings,