Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Attitude And Kids Book


I'm creating a whole lot more clarity and thought it would be fun to share some of this. :O)

So, what kind of art do I do?

Well, I like to use the analogy of a story. And, I'd say that my artist-character, Giovani, likes to coordinate or orchestrate his artistic energy via the written word.

He also likes to focus things in a feminine way--that is for women or girls or he likes to make his work about women or girls.

For example, my character Giovani absolutely fell in love with this idea for a little girl who was reading a good bit beneath grade level and only wanted to read about sharks and war. How fun is that--bringing together this kind of subject and someone like Giovani who would never have gone there in a million years? But put a cute little girl in literary distress in front of him, and he performs like a trooper! ;O)

To that aspect of me, this story, SLASH! The Great White Shark, feels like a likely heirloom or keepsake.

The whole project touched my empathy, as Giovani. Caring about how that little girl felt, what would embarrass her, for example, led to a conviction that this could not look like a baby book in any way. Less pictures. Black and white pictures, most likely.

And wanting to protect fragile little kids led to a conviction that the cover has got to be JAWS-type scary.

Scare off the fragile kids, right away, because I don't feel it's a spoiler at all to let you know somebody dies in this book. The only question is who's gonna die, next. This is no Dudley The Friendly Shark story. Though it is written so readers learn a lot about undersea science.

And, you know what? In the life story line, the little third grade girl who was reading at a first grade level sat down and read the entire book in one sitting.

Now, what are dollars compared to that? My artist persona enjoys dollars, for sure. But, when you stop and think about it, who am I really?

I'm not some meat suit typing at a computer. I'm pure magic--the light of infinite consciousness. So, the artistic career and the typing manuscripts and the approaching publishers, and signing books--those are just a little occasional tick, as far as I'm concerned, like some long-haired model flicking back her hair, or something.

It's nothing that takes any real effort--Divine Consciousness doesn't ever experience anything as real effort. You flick your hair and a universe pops into view. I-as-Giovani may make it look like a tremendous effort filled with drama, but my essential nature is miles beyond any of that.

But this entire artistic persona's a fun way to play, at various points. :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,