Monday, January 25, 2010

Secret Law Of Attraction & Theta Brainwaves Video

What’s the significance of altering your state of mind from mundane generation of Beta brainwaves to exotic generation of Theta brainwaves?

Well, Theta is the state where you’re “in a zone,” experience “flow,” and mastery over time, and enjoy paranormal abilities like telepathy.

Those who’ve linked the Theta state to The Secret and Law Of Attraction have sometimes made this shift seem tough to manage. But, it can happen quickly, easily, and intuitively. If you’ve ever held friends spellbound with a campfire story, you were helping them (and yourself) shift into Theta. Falling in love is a trip into theta. And, one of the fastest and most graceful “inductions” into Theta is Rod Serling’s invitation into THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

A similarly rapid method is the use of words like “Once upon a time” in storytelling. When you generate either spookiness or nostalgia, you’re generating a barrage of Theta brainwaves. If yo9u’ve got a favorite affirmation, or a few on an index card, why not make practical use of such magical moments!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Secret Law Of Attraction Inspirational Poetry: AMNESIA

O Child, adorable of Cosmic Throne,
Has the amnesia, then, so grievous grown—
Love of delight, forgotten, with Thy name?
Does Thy command, Surprise me, sound the same
As Sure, the usual; igniting neither smile,
Nor springing cadence? I’ll not steal Thy nose
And taunt Thee, Sweet. The silliness is done.
’Tis clear: as prairie bloom and eve and morn,
So long as their mosaic life enthralls,
Thy Sovereignty remembers, after all.

--G. Saintiny 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Busting Loose From The Law Of Attraction Game?

Robert Scheinfeld is the author of BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE MONEY GAME & has recently written BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE BUSINESS GAME, as well. If you've seen any of THE MATRIX movies, you've had a taste of Scheinfeld's view of things, believe it or not.

To understand his view of success, you've got to really wrap your brain around the idea that mundane life is an illusion. An after-effect of unlimited consciousness folding-in on itself. While Scheinfeld is not a believer in Law Of Attraction, per se, exploring that concept is a great way of opening yourself up to the even more mind-blowing approach Scheinfeld shares.

Here's an appetiser:

The MONEY GAME book's in libraries and bookstores. His system's quite streamlined. Just don't try reading it in one big gulp. That's just asking for trouble! ;O)