Saturday, January 2, 2010

Busting Loose From The Law Of Attraction Game?

Robert Scheinfeld is the author of BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE MONEY GAME & has recently written BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE BUSINESS GAME, as well. If you've seen any of THE MATRIX movies, you've had a taste of Scheinfeld's view of things, believe it or not.

To understand his view of success, you've got to really wrap your brain around the idea that mundane life is an illusion. An after-effect of unlimited consciousness folding-in on itself. While Scheinfeld is not a believer in Law Of Attraction, per se, exploring that concept is a great way of opening yourself up to the even more mind-blowing approach Scheinfeld shares.

Here's an appetiser:

The MONEY GAME book's in libraries and bookstores. His system's quite streamlined. Just don't try reading it in one big gulp. That's just asking for trouble! ;O)


  1. I have been hearing a lot about the Law of Attraction. I recently witnessed vendor tables in New York City carrying a version of the “Law of Attraction”. I thought the book was a compilation of works from authors like Machiavelli and Napoleon Hill.

    This is the first I’ve Heard of Robert Scheinfeld. The idea that mundane life is an illusion was portrayed beautifully in the matrix. I’ll check out Scheinfelds’ approach when I get some more free reading time. I love to read stuff like this, it's a great read for individuals who want to gain confidence, increase their income potential and achieve a more

  2. Hi, EJ!

    Thanks, for the reply. I've been having trouble figuring out how to comment, recently. Hope you'll somehow get wind though.

    Yeah, Scheinfeld's got a lot to say. Thanks for posting your website, as well. I believe there's a way you can post it so it's active as well. Waste not, want not, as they say! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,