Monday, December 14, 2009

Inspirational Poetry & Law Of Attraction


Inspirational poetry is a great way to achieve real alignment via the Law Of Attraction. It's seldom merely about getting a particular thing like a car or a house or even a promotion or a loving relationship.

It's usually about the act of lining-up with actual Universal Laws! Looking at things from that kind of an exalted point of view allows you to let go of the very obsessions that interfere with opening-up to life's bounty! :O)

Sometimes, the verse rhymes--sometimes, it doesn't. What matters is its uplifting power. Here's something short from my pen. When a poem helps you remember who you are and that the good things in life belong to you, already--THAT'S what inspirational poetry is all about!

Domestic Bliss

I shake the bag. I lick the bowl.
The Universe wields knife and fire.
My yodeling pride says, 'N I helped!
A readying arrow, a pluck o' the lyre--
Adorable! sings the Aura O' Self
'Tween the pauses called Life in the 'bunctious gyre,
Spies a thought o' dessert (O, so quaintly controlled),
Clucks and knowingly shepherds me back to the fold.


Hope the video made you smile, as well! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,