Thursday, April 2, 2009

EFT & Law Of Attraction

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been a powerful tool that many interested in the Law Of Attraction love putting to use!

It helps people make the leap from understanding mental concepts of Universal Laws to applying them in the physical world with the physical body. Do you already know a lot about EFT? The following video is special in that it's got something for those well in the know, as well as those who are just beginning.

Maybe, this will just be a brief introduction to the practice. If it seems advanced to you, just play along a little or just watch. There is a lot of great information on EFT available. Just looking at this and reading this blog will set-off the Law Of Attraction, and you'll be surprised how much EFT information will soon start flooding your life. If you want even more, just think about it and how exciting it is that such tools are available.

Remember: What you dwell on, you get! That's the Law Of Attraction. :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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