Friday, April 3, 2009

Self Help Mp3


I've been creating my own self-help mp3's. It's not too hard, though I really need to get some equipment. A microphone head-set would be ideal.

(Try recording an upbeat Easy Listening soundtrack behind your favorite affirmations. Horst Jankowski "A Walk In The Black Forest" (1965) posted on drh4683's YouTube channel.)

The type of self-help mp3 I'm talking about is one using affirmations. However, I'm good at coming up with tunes, and so I create what I call melodic chant. The chants (or mantra) are in English. Simple, one sentence affaires. However, the tunes are often full tunes you'd expect for something with a verse and chorus. Also, I make sure my tunes are upbeat!

The self-help aspects are the constructively crafted affirmation and the upbeat tune. I'm not a musician (thought I'm good at composing tunes--not orchestration or musical arrangements, just melodies, and I don't write them, either, just sing, hum, or whistle them into a tape recorder [very old school]).

I've downloaded a free mp3 recording application, on a trial basis. It's been a good way to get to know about such things. Wish I could give details, but I left my Zip Drive in a library computer! Am on my way to retrieve it, in a little under three hours. Affirmations are coming in handy, right now, believe me! The mp3 application is stored in my Zip Drive, as it turns out.

Anyway, whether you want to sing or speak your affirmations, mp3 is a great self-help medium. Especially, if you've got a portable mp3 player! I'm looking forward to taking walks while listening to melodic chant or to spoken affirmations backed-up with an upbeat Easy Listening soundtrack.

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. What program are you using? I use Free Sound Recorder. It's a freeware and very easy to use.


  2. Hi-i!

    Thanks, for the advice!

    However, please realize that the YouTube video in this post is NOT my creation! I'm just sharing it. I wouldn't be surprised if the creator has ample digital recording tools, BTW. A lot of collectors like the warm sound of vinyl, and this one may just be trying to share that special effect.

    Myself, I use Easy Hi-Q Recorder, which I'm also using on a free basis. I'll take a look at the one you've mentioned. I love learning about new tools! :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,