Friday, April 17, 2009

"Law Of Attraction Tips"


Law Of Attraction's such a big subject, I figured a few tips were in order!

Tip #1: Be playful! :O)
When the stakes are too high, the Law Of Attraction usually doesn't play in your favor. You've been there, I'm sure: "This has gotta work! Everything's riding on this decision. What am I gonna do if it doesn't work? I can't possibly wait another week. Etc, etc."

A more productive approach: "Wouldn't it be fun if things went this way, this time? I've had some pleasant surprises in the past. Why, I remember one time when I had no idea how things would go, and--Wow!--was I surprised when I heard: Sure, I'd love to. . . ."

Tip #2: Get your mood right, before even considering action.
It's not about finishing-up your To Do list. It's about working on your To Be list! How would you have to be feeling in order to succeed? Who would you have to consider yourself? Can you remember feeling that way in the past? Have you ever revealed some of that kind of character? Do you know someone who has, whom you could play-act as for a minute?

Then, you can ask yourself--coming from this point of view, what do I really want to do next? It may NOT even be something on your To Do list! That's called taking inspired action! And, the Law Of Attraction gives you this gift of inspiration, AFTER you've generated a constructive mood.

Tip #3: Be a kid!
Kids know how to tug at the Law Of Attraction, big time! Maybe not all kids, but you've met them: the kids who cannot be denied! They're too cute, they're too full of the life force, they're too open to receive!

You can embody that energy, too! Just use the toys and gestures that suck you into the matrix of life! Throw confetti (or whatever will pass for it) into the air, if you're someplace where you can get away with it. Draw daisies with happy faces, stars, and hearts. Sing a nonsense song or just hum one. Keep several colored pens handy and write your wishes in bright green, red, and blue! :O)

And, ask yourself, once you've got a big smile in your face or in your heart: what would be fun to do now, as far as my present project is concerned? Or what could I pretend that would make this feel better instead of worse?

The Law Of Attraction will suck unexpected events and decisions by other people into your life as you approach life from this bubbly point of view.

Don't say I didn't warn you! Hahaha!

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. Those are excellent tips! I always try to remember #3. Kids are good at getting what they want because they don't have limiting beliefs like adults do. :-D


  2. Hi, Light!

    Thanks, for pointing that out!

    It sure helps to only know that money shows up and not to have the limiting belief that it must be toiled for before that happens.

    Well, just feeling playful can push some of those limiting beliefs to the side. Fact is, a lot of people receive money just for being good company. You know, a lot of sales, for example, are just made as a gesture of appreciation while enjoying a good time.

    Obviously, these are sales for items desired or needed. But, they could have just easilly been bought elsewhere.

    Sunshine & Blessings,