Monday, April 13, 2009

"Habits & Law Of Attraction"


Thanks, for feeling your way around those Universal Laws with me!

Well, what kind of Habits am I talking about, and how does the Law Of Attraction figure in all this?

Actually, I was thinking about some really subtle habits--in the sense that these aren't activities, but just reactions. For example, someone might say something simplistic about how to handle life, and I'll roll my eyes up and to the left.

At first, this seems like instinct, but it occured to me that this is actually a learned response. I'm carrying out a tradition taught to me by my tribe. A lot of habits seem like instinct. Someone once said that when we say "me" we point to the heart, as though this was some self-evident truth.

Well, in Japan, I understand that one points to the nose! We do what we've seen done, much of the time.

Okay, now what does rolling my eyes bring me, in terms of the Law Of Attraction? It certainly doesn't bring me cooperation! Hahaha! No. And, it doesn't attract respect, since people feel like I'm looking down on them. So, they show they can look down on me, too. This is what that habit attracts. That's the Law Of Attraction--as I like to put it: What you dwell on, you get!

If I just rolled my eyes and went back to feeling good, it wouldn't matter. But I know this habit's just the start of a whole cascade of emotional activity.

So, here's what I've started training myself to do.

I imagine someone saying something I could interpret as unsophisticated, advice just beneath me! "Can't you see your sister's reaction as a blessing in disguise?"

Oh, but this sends my eyes rolling! Hahaha! ;O)

Okay, as my eyes start to roll, I tell myself: Oh, my eyes are rolling, that's a signal for me to ask, "What does my expanded self think about all this?"

Just the question starts the Law Of Attraction working in my favor. The question attracts possible answers, any of which offers relief from the direction in which I was going.

"Oh, my expanded self thinks it's true, of course. Everything works for my benefit! Why, I cosmically hired my sister to help me drum-up a little contrast so I could generate another new idea about what could feel good. And Expanded Self is inviting me to groove on that new idea with it! Cool!" :O)

Will I be this perky in real life? Maybe not, at first. However, in this practice session, I might as well go all the way! Eventually, I'll be playing this version of the Glad Game as well as Pollyanna ever did! Hahaha!

See if you can use a naughty habit as a jump-off point to get the Law Of Attraction working more powerfully on your behalf!

Sunshine & Blessings,

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