Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Weight & Law Of Attraction"


Can the Law Of Attraction help you lose weight?

Well, Abraham-Hicks has clearly revealed that it can! They speak of a fashion model who ate far more than toast and lettuce. In fact, she ate whatever she wanted, causing people around her to wonder, "How can you eat all that and still look so good?"

Well, she maintained her weight regardless of what she ate. Her explanation was a Law Of Attraction explanation. She said that food loved her body, and that was that! Put into an affirmation, it would go: "Food loves my body, so I can eat whatever I want!"

The trick is to feel great as you say this and to dwell on how lucky you are that your weight just takes care of itself and to remember that your job is to feel great! Then, you've got the Law Of Attraction on your side.

Have you ever been doing great at something, only to have some well meaning (Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.) person warn you not to get too used to it? This is what you've got to be willing to dismiss. Be good natured about it, so you can keep feeling good.

My coaches (What else can I call them?) who facilitate the San Antonio, Texas, Law Of Attraction Meetups have come to the conclusion that people who approach life that way don't really live in their dimension. My coaches are named Renae & Andries, and I can't help but see their point of view in terms of a powerful affirmation.

"I live in a dimension that suits me better, that's all. She'll be fine in her's."

Try saying that to yourself and just smiling and nodding, and the, Uh, . . . headache . . . will go away. ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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