Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Educating Kids & Law Of Attraction"

Educating kids has everything to do with applying the Law Of Attraction! The more we focus on what works, the more we'll notice that fantastic means really are available--means that kids really want to take part in!

When I think about educating kids, I immediately think of Glenn Doman, author of Teach Your Baby To Read, which came out just before I was born! In fact, considering the whole idea of Law Of Attraction--if I consider reality using a reincarnation paradigm, I'd say the publication of his book was probably what made me want to be born in this time!

Here's a treat! As explained in iahpvideos, the official YouTube channel of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Janet Doman, their Director, "explains how teaching is not the same thing as testing." Listen for how expectation and intention attract matching results. The video explains it so simply!

For a more comprehensive look at the Institutes and their methods, check out this video:

I look forward to a day when schools and parents cooperate with this approach to education. Parents and families will lead, while schools will provide materials and otherwise support parental wishes. I also see the day when flashcards will be replaced by almost weightless tablets that allow the child to instantly see a shuffled or cued-up program of information on one side, while a summary or caption guides the parent, on the other side.

What successes do you see in educating kids? Remember, the Law Of Attraction basically says that what you dwell on, you get! ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. Thankyou for a fantastic post Giovani. Do you have any ideas of how to get approval from Education Departments to add The Law of Attraction as learning curriculum for students?

    I have 2 school age children here in Australia and I know that these kind of teachings would benefit teachers and students alike. (and eventually - the entire planet)

    I attracted this site that teaches visualisation and the law of attraction for children. The explanations are for that of a young child.

    For a child to learn that their life will be absolutely anything that they literally put their mind to, is an advanced learning about each individuals personal power within.

    It's exciting just thinking about kids learning this kind of stuff. The world would definately make some uplifting changes towards understanding, respect, harmony and love towards one another. Thats a world I'd LOVE to live in :)

  2. Hi, Kelly!

    Thanks, for your enthusiasm! :O)

    To read about one dream of a school based on Law Of Attraction, check out the following at the Powerful Intentions social networking site:

    Powerful Intentions is super easy to build a profile page at. And, the people are simply beautiful! You'll feel right at home.

    Thank you for your LOA page for children. Just remember, they--for the most part--already know the Law. Society's a way that they forget the "obvious."

    I see you helping minds to let go of the pressures that have encumbered them! I see a lot of appreciation and joy springing up around you!

    Sunshine & Blessings,