Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Expect Miracles"


Thanks, for being creative in finding answers to life's questions!

Today, I'd like to look somewhere a bit odd for inspirational clues. Some time ago, I stumbled upon yet another humor website.

It was yet another list of stuff everybody's already heard. Nonetheless, some of the entries really got me thinking. For example, it's got a list of oxymorons (contradictory terms). One of them really caught my attention: anticipated serendipity.

That's really what studying the Law Of Attraction's meant to train us toward. No question, but a paradox is invovled! However, after a while, you start to expect miracles. And, that's where the real power of Law Of Attraction lives.

(If you need help psyching yourself-up, so this feels plausible, check out this link to customize your own self-help videos.

Fact is, a couple days back, I was at the San Antonio Law Of Attraction Meetup (facilitated by Renae & Andries). One participant, Joseph, told us of his amazing trip to the park, where we were meeting. He would start rushing, worried about being late, and all the sudden traffic would come out of the woodwork--joggers, even. Then, he'd remember to calm down, let go the oars and float downstream (as Abraham via Esther Hicks likes to put it), and the traffic would simply go away! It got to the point where he could actually predict what would happen next--in other words, he started to expect miracles.

Anticipated serendipity.

Well, as Shakespear once put it, "Many a truth is said in jest."

So calm down, realize that life is SUPPOSED to work for you, and practice expecting miracles. It just might blow your mind! ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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