Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vibrations & Law Of Attraction


Ever walk into someplace and feel definite "vibes?"

Actually, vibrations are all that anyone ever feels! Our senses work on a vibrational basis, even though we interpret them as totally different phenomena. Sight, sound, taste--it's all vibrations dealt with by brain and mind in whatever mysterious fashion. And, all of it is coordinated by the Law Of Attraction. (As I like to put it: What you dwell on, you get!)

The nuances of how vibrations and the Law Of Attraction are related, however, is nothing that can be put across in a few quick words. That's why I was so pleased to run into a wonderful Abraham-Hicks video on tc8008's YouTube channel that delves into just this matter.

Since Abraham is supposed to be a disembodied collection of intelligences, it should be easy for them to expound on the matter of vibrations and how they relate to the Law Of Attraction. However, remember that they're of the opinion (as are today's physicists), that we flesh-and-blood humans are more vibrational possibility than solid stuff!

So, remember to focus on what you want in your life! That's how you keep your vibes up! ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. wow..I needed this...thanks.
    I have a great example of seeing the reality that is girls were doing egg hunt yesterday morning and there was one that was hidden in plain site so to speak.
    They walked past it several was bright green and hidden next to something black..but visable! It was such an odd spot and it was eye level..and they were looking down ...they just kept walking by it, even with me telling them hot and cold.
    I been forgetting some about ...all I know...again thanks for helping with leading me back.

  2. Hi, Kelli!

    Thanks, for that wonderful illustration!

    (Of course, with your brilliant talents as a visual artist, it's no surprise your illustrations do such an excellent job! Hahaha!)

    &, I'm no "better," either! I just finally found a set of keys in the very pocket I had dug and felt for the day before. Being in the vibe of "I can't find it" simply does not allow anything to be found. In fact, I remember running into someone asking for change, one day. I walked about ten steps and found a five dollar bill on the floor.

    Talk about stepping over dollars to pick up pennies!

    I am so happy Jerry & Esther Hicks are here to share the teachings of Abraham with us. &, I am so glad I have friends like you to make this blog a brighter place, Kelli! :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,