Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The 3-D Movie & Law Of Attraction"


Thanks, for being curious! ;O)

There's a weird title for you! Hahaha!

But, think about it. . . . Have you ever put on those 3-D glasses to watch some novelty movie? Rumor has it, the next Harry Potter will be in 3-D (Some advanced version of the glasses--or maybe just the polarized version). Recent examples have been JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL.

Why do we seek this special type of movie vision? For the amusement of experiencing something new, basically. Interestingly, the novelty isn't always light & pretty, either. (Though, that's MY flavor! Hahaha!)

What's really funny about this, though, is that stereo-vision is our "normal" way of seeing things. That's NOT why we use these glasses and watch these movies, though. We watch 3-D movies to see something ODD in its context. Now, believe it or not, this has a lot to do with Law Of Attraction!

Here's a perspective that will help us make the leap, though. Years back, comedian Steve Martin was making fun of stereophiles who went in search of quadraphonic music systems for ultimate music fidelity. He predicted that the most extreme among them would build a googolphonic music system! (Googol is the number "1" followed by 100 zeros!)

Well, as Law Of Attraction would have it, we're less stereo-visioned than we are googol-visioned. Actually, neither is really close to our true nature (Remember? Your infinite expanded self?). As the late Carl Sagan pointed out, "A googolplex is precisely as far from infinity as is the number one."

What we naturally are is omniscent. We're everywhere at once and aware of everything--past, present, future, and potential--at once. We put on that pair of eyes (and the body that goes with it) for the amusement of experiencing something new, basically. (Sounds familiar?)

Oh, and we're not only omniscent (all-knowing), we're also omnipotent (all-powerful).

Want to feel closer to that reality? Use the Law Of Attraction by playing with such thoughts from time to time. And, you can start by considering that your eyes are really a temporary plaything. And that your REAL eyes are omniscent (or you can just play with the idea of googol-vision, for starters).

And, along with the huge knowledge, comes huge compassion, love, generosity, joy, and all that good stuff! That is who you REALLY are!

Remember whom you are!

Sunshine & Blessings,


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I found myself nodding in agreement with every line I read.

  2. Hi, Saleem!

    Thanks, for checking out the blog! :O)

    Considering the mystery of our presence can get pretty heady. Realizing our greater presence can be really rewarding.

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  3. Okay--LOL--you lost me there somewhere in the middle--but the ending was absolutely AWESOME!!!

    I'm not sure that I agree that I'm all-knowing or all-powerful--I kind of reserve that for God alone.

    But I can sure go along with the rest of it!!!

    Laughter and Blessings,

  4. Hi, Christine!

    Thanks, for looking for that point of agreement! :O)

    What doesn't work for you, leave alone. Who knows, perhaps further points of agreement will arise in the future. Or not!

    In any case, every improved feeling is something wonderful for you to keep. Infinity? If it's merely a means to feeling an ounce lighter, then it's done it's job, hasn't it?

    As Robert Browning put it, one's grasp ought to exceed one's reach, "Or what's a heaven for?"

    Sunshine & Blessings,