Friday, April 24, 2009

"Money & Law Of Attraction"


Thanks, for believing things can always get better! :O)

Well, one reason I was interested in Law Of Attraction was to attract more money into my life. Some have suggested that this is not a good reason to study Law Of Attraction. Well, it’s one of my reasons, though I can see their point.

The idea of money’s had some pretty dire vibes attached to it, so focusing on it’s been a drag for many. Still, however one gets around all this, I feel it’s pretty common for people to want Law Of Attraction to bring more cash into their lives. And, I’m no exception.

So, as you can imagine, I got mighty curious when I heard you could get paid up to $100 a day to click-on links or give an up or down vote for ads you read. I quickly did some math in my head and decided they couldn’t possibly mean two cents or five cents per ad.

And, when I looked through the information, I saw numbers far exceeding that! Numbers in the 60 to 95 cent range and higher, in cases. I certainly was intrigued. But, I wanted a chance to try this out without paying anything.

And, that’s when—as Law Of Attraction would have it—I realized I had manifested something that would cost nothing but could pay well. To just review an ad or click a link and GET PAID? It was hard to believe, except that there was no risk involved. All I typed in was my email—not even my name (Though, in my case, it’s all pretty much the same).

Would you have done the same thing I did, feeling it made sense to give it a try?

Well, my feeling was: Didn’t I request this from the Universe? If I’m really open to receive, isn’t a chance to try something without taking any dangerous chances something to at least check out? For me, the answer was yes.

Whether this makes sense to you or not, remember to be on the lookout for an opportunity that feels like it’s calling you. Then, take action when you feel inspired to. That’s how Law Of Attraction works, you know? But, you’ve got to be open to receive (Not to mention to GET PAID).

Sunshine & Blessings,

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