Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Fun & Law Of Attraction"


Have you ever sat through some spiritual practice, not only feeling sleepy, but even resentful about the effort involved? Appologies to Cindi Lauper, but it's not only girls who just wanna have fun! Hahaha!

&, the Law Of Attraction does not contradict this, in the least!

Don't get me wrong, boredom--like anything else--can be milked to your benefit. But, by and large, fun and success through Law Of Attraction go hand-in-hand. And, if you're not having fun, that tends to be a clue that you should either be doing things differently, with a different attitude, or that you should be doing something else entirely--at least, for now!

One thing I've found weird is how much fun comes from just being messy! What's that about? It seems to have to do with fertility. I'm only willing to go so far down that sexy road. But, it does have to do with abundance, doesn't it? You know--you've got so much your cup overflows? If that's too messy for you, try something that's very temporarilly messy--like blowing bubbles! :O)

Well, I thought you'd enjoy Puffy AmiYumi's rendition of the Jellyfish song JOINING A FANCLUB! These two girls from Japan have been entertaining kids here in the US for a while, now. I hope they get you in the spirit!

It was fun for me to see the Time Square background, again. I never thought I'd be missing that--guess that's Law Of Attraction at work, again! Hahaha! ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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