Friday, April 10, 2009

Law Of Attraction Videos & Nature


Thanks, for being here to welcome me back into the blogosphere!

I've just moved into a newly built house and had some chaos to put in order, so I've missed a few days!

Well, today, I'd like to discuss how nature and soothing music can affect affirmations and other applications of the Law Of Attraction.

For this purpose, I'm happy to included some video from daholan's YouTube channel. It's the famous & beautiful Johnny Pearson instrumental: SLEEPY SHORES.

Here, it's the soundtrack to some beautiful natural video footage: ducks in flight, snow-capped mountains, swaying wetland reeds, cascades, and more!

What I've found is that affirmations spoken under conditions like watching the sun rise, or listening to a thunderstorm from a cozy place, or running your toe back and forth in a brook--or even watching a video that highlights nature and presents soothing music--settles the arguing rational mind.

And, the rational mind's fearful resistance is really the only thing that stands in the way of the pleasurable manifestation of every desire and preference in the most satisfying increments possible!

So, consider raiding YouTube for nature videos with either natural sounds or soothing music, so that your affirmations have a peaceful beautiful place from which to activate the Law Of Attraction. Or, you can create your own affirmation videos. Or, if you've got a forest nearby--what are you waiting for? ;O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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