Friday, June 19, 2009



I love Karen Williams' blog, ABRAHAM FUN! :o)

Here's a great reader's question she tackles (All that follows is from her blog):

"Of late there are many tensions at my work place due to some very inhumanistic proposals on work hours, leave and pay structures by the management. This makes me feel disheartened and uncomfortable. As this is a management decision, there is little I can do. I have been trying to keep away from discussions and presentations made on the subject, but find myself worried and often drawn into it. I am looking forward to attracting a wonderful job and a great pay with a fantastic work culture. Though I see good things about the place where I work now, I am not able to stay in that good feeling thought for long.
Please help"

This is a scenario that many people seem to experience in various work contexts. Due to the decisions of higher-ups, people feel that they are going to be — or already are — treated with discourtesy and lack of fairness. They may feel powerless to influence decisions made by people in authority, and they may also feel that there is no viable options with regard to other jobs.

Well, that stinks. What can be done? . . . (Click to read the whole post! )


  1. Good topic!

    Oh how I remember those days!!

    For health reasons I don't work a j-o-b. But how much I put in my VE on this subject! (of course I had absolutely no idea at the time!)

    Nice job highlighting someone else's blog! (oh dear maybe one day I will subscribe to too many and they will explode? LOL)

    Joy & Blessings,

  2. Hi, Christine!

    Thanks, for dropping in! :O)

    For those not in-the-know by VE, Christine means her Vibrational Escrow. I'll not explain any further, for now.

    & please, Christine, make sure to add Karen's blog early so you'll have gotten a few posts in before your blog subscriptions reach critical mass & go BOOM! ;O)

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